About Aura

Aura Israel aspires to lead the housing field in Israel. For us, the development of the housing field in general and the field of urban renewal in particular, constitutes the current Zionist achievement, a real mission. We strive towards a constant improvement in the housing solutions being offered to the Israeli public, while emphasizing integration of up-to-date construction technology, planning and design and above all – the creation of a sustainable housing environment.

Leading as a Business Strategy

The Company is considered the largest and leading company in the field of urban renewal, with 42 projects in which there are about 14 thousand housing units. Aura was ranked first in the leading professional rankings in the field of urban renewal, and among them the MADLAN, Globes and Duns & Bradstreet urban renewal indices.

Leading in Urban Renewal

First Place in Israel

The Company engages in entrepreneurship and building residential projects throughout Israel and is considered a leader in the field of urban renewal. Aura focuses solely upon the housing field, both because of the business potential that it reflects over time and due to its tremendous importance to the fabric of life in the State of Israel.