Aura – The City Reawakens

Aura Israel aspires to lead the housing field in Israel for the benefit of the residents of the State of Israel and the cities in which they live. For us, the development of the housing field in general and the field of urban renewal in particular, constitutes the current Zionist achievement, a real mission. We strive towards constant improvement in the housing solutions being offered to the Israeli public, while emphasizing integration of up-to-date construction technology, planning and design and above all – the creation of a sustainable housing environment.

We recognize the fact that the purchase of an apartment constitutes one of the largest and most important transactions of our customers, whether they are purchasing them to live in them or for investment purposes. Therefore, we aspire to provide them an opportunity to perform a profitable transaction, while maintaining a reliable and professional purchasing process.

The magnitude and importance of the task we have taken upon ourselves, dictates principles under which we manage all the activities and the relationships that grow between the Company’s employees, suppliers and customers.

Our communication with all the Company’s customers, partners and stakeholders is based upon availability, up-to-date and reliable reporting, and transparency.
We strive to integrate innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in all the company’s areas of activity and particularly in the planning, execution and marketing of our projects.

We are committed to creating circles of growth and inspiration among the communities in which we are active, and therefore we invest significant resources in initiating activities for the community in core areas such as education, sports, health and welfare. As part of our aspiration to lead the housing field field in Israel, we are working to create an active and lively academic arena, in cooperation with the IDC Hertzliya, which contributes much for the development of quality human capital in the sector.

The City Reawakens

About Aura Israel

Aura Israel is considered one of the leading companies in the housing field in Israel. The Company engages in entrepreneurship and building residential projects throughout Israel and is considered a leader in the field of urban renewal. Aura focuses solely upon the housing field, both due to the business potential that it reflects over time and due to its tremendous importance to the fabric of life in the State of Israel. Adv. Yaakov Atrakchi – the Company’s founder, serves as the CEO of the Company, which employs dozens of employees at the Company’s headquarters in Tel Aviv and on its various projects throughout Israel.

Leading as a Business Strategy

The Company is considered the largest and leading company in the field of urban renewal, with 42 projects in which there are about 14 thousand housing units. Aura was ranked first in the leading professional rankings in the field of urban renewal, and among them the MADLAN, Globes and Duns & Bradstreet urban renewal indices.

The Company’s leadership is based upon a business strategy, which is founded on the following principles:

  • Focusing the activities solely upon the housing field and creating a clear specialization therein.
  • Locating and promoting projects in high-demand regions and in central Israel, due to the increasing demand and the potential to maximize value in the short and long term.
  • Purchasing private lands with approved and valid CBPs, in which projects may be carried with maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Initiating and promoting broad-scale projects in urban renewal, the sort where we can create renewal of the entire urban space.
  • Managing all the core activities in the Company – from the initiation stage, through the marketing and sales and to maintenance.
  • Developing academic research in the field and creating a basis for the development of human capital in the housing field in Israel.

Financial Stability and Transparency

Years of intensive activity in the housing field and creating success stories in the field, led to the creation of a dialogue based upon trust, close ties and open doors among the banks, financing entities and institutional investors in Israel. Aura Israel is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at a value exceeding NIS 500 million and is included within the Tel Aviv Index SME60 as of August 2019. The controlling shareholder is Adv. Yaakov Atrakchi and among its shareholders are: Bank Leumi, Menora Mivtachim, The Phoenix Insurance Company and Yelin Lapidot.

Entrepreneurs in the Academy and Community

Aura Israel dedicates significant resources in the development of the communities in which it operates. The Company initiates, leads and manages community projects in the areas of health, education and sports. This derives from an understanding that community growth and development contribute to the creation of personal, social and national resilience over time.

The Aura Institute of Law

Aura Israel is a partner in the Aura Institute of Law, Social Initiative and Urban Renewal, within the Harry Radzyner Law School in the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. The Institute, headed by Mr. Efi Stenzler, constitutes an academic and professional framework for the study and research of urban processes of renewal and innovation, and for the deepening of the linkage between the appropriate legal settlements and business activity that combines social and environmental values. The research activity in the Institute focuses upon the interface between law, economics and society, via cooperative ventures, entrepreneurship, innovation and a comparative examination of what is done in the world in these fields. Bottom of Form